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just for the night.

It was one of the last summer days of the season, we jumped on an opportunity, packed light, and headed up high, just for the night. Jonas Ridge is a small town in Burke County, North Carolina and boasts sections of The Pisgah National Forest in the area of the Linville Gorge. We love it […]

great smoky mountains national park.

It was a Friday morning in late July when we headed West on Interstate 40 and made our way up and over into the gorgeous state of Tennessee, and into the mountains of the Great Smoky. It was the Ginger, his younger brother Christopher and I. Being Christopher’s first backpacking trip we were pretty stoked […]

yellowstone national park.

As we headed home from The Grand Canyon last November, the Ginger and I had already decided our next adventure would be backpacking through Yellowstone National Park. It wasn’t a hard decision for me because I was addicted, still am, and even as I write this, I want to be back in the woods… go figure. […]

so i peak.

Hanging Rock State Park was one of the first parks I ever visited as a child. Named appropriately as my “home park”, we ventured out for a day-trip just to grab some fresh air on a relatively cooler July Sunday. Making a visit to the parks office, the Ranger we were chatting with informs us […]

wild, wet, and wonderful, West Virginia.

Country roads really can take you home… It started late on a Thursday night when we headed from Winston Salem, to Elkins, West Virginia to meet Stewie (about a 5 hour drive). Rain was in the forecast for the whole weekend, but I was going to be hiking with two marines — so I wasn’t really […]

i love new york.

In April of 2017 all four of us could be found visiting the Nation’s Capital…( By April of 2018, however, we thought we were ready for the big city… So New York, here we came. <3 Arriving in the city streets just about lunch time on a beautiful Friday afternoon, we were immediately in search […]

an april wedding.

Lindley. We go back to that young crisp age of our early 20’s – slaving away at the local seafood restaurant in the small town of K-Vegas, that we were so happily employed at. She’s a strong, beautiful, red headed girl with one of the best soon-to-be-bride demeanor’s I have ever seen. On this lovely […]

max patch.

Noted for being the most beautiful section of The Appalachian Trail, Max Patch sits at an elevation of 4,629 feet and is a grassy bald that provides 360 mountainous views of the North Carolina and Tennessee states. Max Patch is located in Spring Creek, North Carolina and from Winston Salem, it’s close to a 4-hour drive […]

grandfather mountain – round 2.

We have a lot of friends that say they want to come hiking with us all the time. The thing about that is, most people don’t hike like we hike, and when it really comes down to it, we go alone. So when Mark and Ashley said they wanted to come hiking, we knew we […]

grayson highlands state park.

Itching to hike and willing to explore new horizons, we ventured ourselves out into Mouth of Wilson, Virginia to check out a state park called: Grayson Highlands. About a 2-hour drive from our home here in Winston Salem, NC, we arrived on a cloudy and cold Saturday morning with our girl Caroline ready to explore […]