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an april wedding.

Lindley. We go back to that young crisp age of our early 20’s – slaving away at the local seafood restaurant in the small town of K-Vegas, that we were so happily employed at. She’s a strong, beautiful, red headed girl with one of the best soon-to-be-bride demeanor’s I have ever seen. On this lovely […]

max patch.

Noted for being the most beautiful section of The Appalachian Trail, Max Patch sits at an elevation of 4,629 feet and is a grassy bald that provides 360 mountainous views of the North Carolina and Tennessee states. Max Patch is located in Spring Creek, North Carolina and from Winston Salem, it’s close to a 4-hour drive […]


In early December, mother nature decided to show its force here in North Carolina and gave us snow in the triad and mountains before the winter season even actually began. I mean, just last week in January we were able to witness our beaches covered in white as a winter storm came barreling through delivering over […]


Landi yelled at me once and told me to go die. She’s the most fowl-mouthed woman I have ever met in my life — and the best mother and friend that I have always been able to count on as well. People give Landi a lot of shit and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, […]