A spur of the moment trip, with unexpected happenings.

Crowders Mountain was the place. It’s in Gaston County, a little bit outside of Charlotte, NC. It poured down rain the whole drive up, and Caroline the dog didn’t care, so we didn’t care, and onward we went. Never being here before, we didn’t know where to go, or where to begin this hike. So it just kind of happened. It was a lot of uphills, and somewhat challenging at times. A lot of rocks, and climbing up a mountain. Somehow we ended up on a cliff-side, and decided to eat our peanut butter and jelly sandwich and relax for a bit.

Hammock all set up, and then I fell. As my head hit the rock, I seriously thought I was screwed. Death, hospital, stitches, something. Long story short, I lived and never had to attend the hospital party. A few headaches during the next week, and now it’s like it never happened.

Except, I got some pretty dope shots out of it all.
Enjoy. 🙂

Crowders Mountain Website:


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