a walk.

I love this time of year.
I yearn for fall mornings in the heat of summertime – it’s true.

The cold brisk air hitting my cheeks in the mornings.
Envisioning a costume for Halloween that I of course, will make from scratch.

The colors outside turn bright yellow, orange, and red.
These colors seem to reflect off my hair, my skin, my face, and I feel more beautiful because the world is more beautiful.

A lonesome and brisk Saturday calls for quiet walks through old neighborhoods, city streets, and cemetery’s.
With a camera in hand,
Wrapped in my favorite shawl –
I walk.


I am filled with this constant urge to walk.
I don’t know where I’m going, or what I’m doing.
The movement of my two feet on the ground absolutely soothes me like a baby being rocked to sleep.

I walk through shadows, and I walk through light.
Each give a different perspective.


Fall flowering roses are the prettiest kind.
The leaves change colors.
The dead ones fall from the trees.
Nature is preparing for Winter.


The sun sets a little different each hour, of each day.
I see buildings take on different forms in this light.
It’s such a magical time of exploring.


The doors creek, the trees sway.
I continue my walk and eventually find myself back home.
Back in my warm oasis.

The best time of year.


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