If you’re looking for a day-hike or even looking to backpack, I highly recommend taking a road trip into Catawba, Virginia to enjoy a breathtaking view that can be easily accessed after hiking a somewhat moderate trail (8.8 miles round-trip).

The reward is magical, panoramic, and enlightening as you make your way to the top, and out onto the rock ledge known as: McAfee Knob.

With an elevation of 3,197 feet, McAfee Knob is an extremely popular spot among hikers and backpackers as the Appalachian Trail passes through in what is considered the most beautiful section of the roughly 2,200 mile trail.

Parking is limited, and it gets extremely crowded as McAfee Knob has become very popular for photographing people out on its ledge. Make sure to come during the week or get there real early to grab a parking spot and avoid the crowds!

Happy hiking!




For more info, go here:  McAfee Knob.






    1. That’s amazing! It’s such a great area with fantastic views. I’m in love with this section of the trail myself. Thank you for reading!


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