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Landi yelled at me once and told me to go die. She’s the most fowl-mouthed woman I have ever met in my life — and the best mother and friend that I have always been able to count on as well. People give Landi a lot of shit and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, […]


Each year we celebrate the season of change by treating ourselves a trip to Asheville, NC. We drink a lot, eat a lot, and see the mountains while gaining more pounds than I care to mention in just 3 short days. Late Thursday night we arrived in Asheville and hit the hay early so we could […]

the sweetest thing.

Before I joined the office world, I was actually a bartender. Throughout the years I was in multiple locations serving up drinks and conversations as I made ends meet and paid myself through college. That’s when I met this girl, Lauren. Then I met her mother, Joan, then I met her younger sister, Brittany. When […]


VACATION. The three syllable word that everyone knows and has come to love so dearly. My past experiences with the word vacation has included many places including the beach, remote islands, mountains, and of course, Canada. The land is full of clean air, the grass is as green as could be, and I still haven’t […]