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an april wedding.

Lindley. We go back to that young crisp age of our early 20’s – slaving away at the local seafood restaurant in the small town of K-Vegas, that we were so happily employed at. She’s a strong, beautiful, red headed girl with one of the best soon-to-be-bride demeanor’s I have ever seen. On this lovely […]

max patch.

Noted for being the most beautiful section of The Appalachian Trail, Max Patch sits at an elevation of 4,629 feet and is a grassy bald that provides 360 mountainous views of the North Carolina and Tennessee states. Max Patch is located in Spring Creek, North Carolina and from Winston Salem, it’s close to a 4-hour drive […]

grandfather mountain – round 2.

We have a lot of friends that say they want to come hiking with us all the time. The thing about that is, most people don’t hike like we hike, and when it really comes down to it, we go alone. So when Mark and Ashley said they wanted to come hiking, we knew we […]

grayson highlands state park.

Itching to hike and willing to explore new horizons, we ventured ourselves out into Mouth of Wilson, Virginia to check out a state park called: Grayson Highlands. About a 2-hour drive from our home here in Winston Salem, NC, we arrived on a cloudy and cold Saturday morning with our girl Caroline ready to explore […]


In early December, mother nature decided to show its force here in North Carolina and gave us snow in the triad and mountains before the winter season even actually began. I mean, just last week in January we were able to witness our beaches covered in white as a winter storm came barreling through delivering over […]

grand staircase-escalante national monument.

As we pulled out of The Grand Canyon we were wild and free, ready for the next adventure. Our minds full of ideas and our legs ready to keep moving — the hiking endorphin’s were pumping and the Highway was in our vision. We didn’t really have any plans as to where we were staying […]

the grand canyon.

Ginger and I started planning for this trip back in March of 2017. We had not a clue or an idea on specifics at this point — just that we wanted to see The Grand Canyon. If we left on a Friday and came back the next Saturday, that would give us 10 days. We […]


Landi yelled at me once and told me to go die. She’s the most fowl-mouthed woman I have ever met in my life — and the best mother and friend that I have always been able to count on as well. People give Landi a lot of shit and she doesn’t get the credit she deserves, […]


Each year we celebrate the season of change by treating ourselves a trip to Asheville, NC. We drink a lot, eat a lot, and see the mountains while gaining more pounds than I care to mention in just 3 short days. Late Thursday night we arrived in Asheville and hit the hay early so we could […]

the sweetest thing.

Before I joined the office world, I was actually a bartender. Throughout the years I was in multiple locations serving up drinks and conversations as I made ends meet and paid myself through college. That’s when I met this girl, Lauren. Then I met her mother, Joan, then I met her younger sister, Brittany. When […]